My alter ego...






'are a little bit sketchy'

 'Stella Pencil'

& myself

 a true Canadian...Vancouver Island...BC...artist..with a bunch of pencils & a better late than never dream



better known as


 I see art everywhere, it has been my occupation, hobby, solitude ,passion, obsession. 

art has even healed me, drawing was 'prescribed as a physical therapy' after a significant shoulder injury ended my working life, the philosophy being, what makes you happy, helps you to heal.


    A chance opportunity to accompany my grand daughter on a  grade one field trip to the Leighton Art Institute, in the foot hills of Calgary,

the teacher handed us all a small note pad & pencil, then off we set on a simple walk about in nature to sketch what we seen, 

there I experienced an 'aha' moment, a sense of a memory of what I had actually planned for my life to become...before life got in the way of that dream.

I became so lost in my doodles that I almost forgot about the 4 little souls I was in charge of not losing that day...

I went back to grade one to find my souls desire.

   An injury, a chance return to grade one, the simple act of art all added and up to restore my passion for drawing. I bought new pencils, returned home to BC to immerse myself in my own form of art therapy.

            My recommendation for life:

        if you find yourself feeling lost ~ 

           go back to grade one ~ start again.


                              gayle harvie