Biography of  'the Accidental Artist'


                The need to create something has been the driving force of my life.

                        I have spent my whole life having real practical training, originally

                                       the plan was to become a designer/decorator,

         but as we all know life can throw a curve ball into the best laid plans.

      So my creative portfolio will not look like any other artist's, my experiences & jobs

are varied ways to express art. I can create/design your business advertising layouts,

cut & style your hair, sew and create anything from clothes to practical home needs, create fabulous dried floral arrangements & use a whole retail store as a functioning art palate,  for merchandise display.  

                      Another curve ball event, gave me a unique opportunity to return to grade one, it was presented to me, a field trip with my eldest grandchild’s grade one class to the Leighton Art           Institute in Calgary’s foot hills. 

                       Everyone in the little class was given a small drawing pad & a pencil, to go out into the very inspiring foot hills to sketch what we saw. 

                       That field trip opportunity re-inspired a far too long dormant love of drawing. 

Inspirations come in many forms, there are no end to the idea’s to draw, armed with graphite, colour & water colour pencil’s & Paper’s … so many wonderful types of paper’s to create on.

                       As like most artist, I believe art should speak to you, sooth you or move you, 

                    inspire  a conversation or make you laugh, at its best art should give you peace. 

                It has taken a life time to get back to the art  of where I should have been all along, 

                                                                             needless to say, 

                                                      I recommend that should you get the chance to 

                                                           return to grade one, you should take it.


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                                                                                        My art is protected on this site by water marks.
                                                 Water marks are computer generated ghost shadows to protect against unscrupulous coping,
                                        they only show up here, anything you may purchase will not have any sign of a computer generated water mark.